IC* ZaaZou II vom Loderberg*DE "Majsan"

Majsan 4,5 år
Semester -17
Vid runstenen
Majs Fabio Brambilla2
Father: Jasper of Great Fate
Mother: XDreamHelene von Blankenheim
Majsan 2-3v
Majsan dec-19

Our precious Majsan is the foundation of our whitespotted cats. She is the lady with the pretty face and strong and solid body. She is the most loving mother and grandmother and cares about every indidividual in the house. A very social personality that always want to sit in someones knee. This beatiful lady is neutered.

BSH q 02 (Cinnamon-Tortie Harlequin)
Genetic: Carrier of longhair
Born: 2014-02-25
HCM:  Negative
PKD: Negative

Father: Jasper of Great Fate

Mother: X-Dream Helene von Blankenheim




CH*Skogshall Bonbon
"Snuttan Karlsson"

Snuttan  sommar -20
Snutt -Dec 19
Snutt 1år
Snuttan i Västerår vt-19
Snuttan Karlsson 11mån
Fräset Jan-19 Nom
Östkattten -18 BIS 9 mån
Östkatten Okt-18
Östkatten Okt-18
På tillväxt
Snuttan Karlsson 10v
Ohoj alla landkrabbor!
Mother: IC Zaazou vom Loderberg
CH falco vom Thennersee
Farmor: Gvendy od Verpánku
Farfar: Just me du Jardin

Sweetie Bonbon is our "perfect" Van with amazing eyes. She has the "shortest ever", dense and crispy coat. Also a wonderful showtemperament, she loves the attention on catshows. Many times BIS-winner and now also a very patient mother. Snuttan is a very "cool cat" that hardly ever gets stressed whatever the circumstances.

BSH d 01 62 (Red Van, orangeyed)
Genetic: Pure shorthair. Carrier of chocolate
Born: 2018-01-28
HCM: Negative
PKD: Negative
ALPS: Negative

Father: CH*Falco vom Thennersee DE

Mother: IC*Zaazou vom Loderberg DE



SE*Skogshall Clementine

Clemmis 1år
Clementine 14v
15 v
11,5 v
11,5 v
Clementine 6v
Mammatankning 5v
Clementine 5v
4 v
4 v
Clementine 2v

Little gem Clementine is rounded, all around rounded, from head to bum. Her body is strong and massive with superb dense coat. She is a big girl, large rather than medium. This sweetheart is such a delightful individual, cool and relaxed nevertheless curious and alert with an insatiable appetite for cuddling.

BSH f 01 62 (Black-Tortie Van, orangeyed)
Genetic: Carrier of longhair M4, dilution and chocolate
Born: 2019 08 15
HCM: Negative
PKD: Negative
ALPS: Negative

Father: IC*Quebec van Black Lake NL

Mother: CH*Skogshall Bonbon


Björne from Frinnimmy's*BE

Björne 4 månader
Björne 4 månader
Björne 9 veckor
Björne 11,5 v 1900g
Björne 5,5v
Björne 5,5v

Our  chubby, chubby bear Björne is a dream for those who like round and massive british cats. His coat is as dense it feels "waterproof". He is the most gentle and cuddly nature and like a baby in many ways, he always wants attention and company. Despite his round and lazy appearance Björne is an active and curious cat with lots of ideas how to amuse himself. Björne is closed stud which means that he will only mate our own girls.

BSH p 03 ( Fawn-white Bicolour)
Genetic: Ticked, carries longhair gene M4
Born: 2020-08-11
HCM: Will follow
PKD: Will follow
Blood group: B (Homozygous b)

Father: Ocean Feline Christi

Mother: Pom-Pom from Frinnimmy's